A Happy Ending.

After all the bad luck that team apollo got during those races, it was a huge relieve to see that in the end, we made it. In the last run, though it still wasn’t as perfect as we had hoped for, we did manage to break our record of last year! This year we finished with a score of 551 km/litre.
Now it is time to evaluate the Apollo II, but also continue our other project! As team Anemo has their race at the end of August!

Bad Luck Apollo II, Part 2

It seems that luck isn’t on Apollo’s side. The team was up at 7 o’clock to stand in line. But the first run round went wrong. We joined the line again, but again we had to leave the track before the run was completed. It seems that Apollo is faced with a few Technical Challenges. But, the team is back in the paddock working on Apollo again. Tomorrow is our last chance, better make it worth it!


IMG_7789 IMG_7778 IMG_7774 IMG_7769

Bad luck Apollo II

Today there were two options for the Apollo II to go for a ride. The first one, the test rounds, went well. The team was able to finish the ten laps and the last few changes could be made to the car.

After the test round, at 15.30, it was time for the real deal, the competition round. Everything started out well.. Untill the vehicle stopped comming by. It turned out that Apollo II had a flat tire! So tonight the team is working hard to replace the tire (and while we’re at it all of them just to be sure) and tomorrow we are on the track again! At 12.30 @Ahoy!

IMG_7582 IMG_7691 IMG_7768


Apollo test ride

The forth day of the SEM has arrived and the team was early up and running again. The day before the vehicle drove a few tests rounds and gave the team a few new challenges. Luckily, thanks to the early risers, the car was fixed and we were able to hit the road again! The first try a fellow participant hit the side of the road and Apollo was not able to finish its laps. During the second try the canopy, the plastic window of Apollo, shifted off its fasteners, so again it wasn’t able to finish.

But like the dutch saying goes ‘Third time’s a Charm’ and we succeed. We were able to test if the communications works, the driver got to practice more how to make the perfect rounds and we were able to see if the systems worked as wanted. Which basically resulted in getting back to the paddock and fixing the small problems!

Tomorrow we rise and shine early again as the test rounds will be at 9.  Then the first real competition round will be at 15.30. So if you want to see the Apollo II on the track, or ask the team some questions.. Don’t hesitate to come by, at paddock 60!


day4 day4-1 day4-6

day4-7 day4-4 day4-5

Apollo II

Revealing the Apollo II, small changes on the looks but the inside has been optimised extensively. The team is ready for next week Shell eco-marathon 2014 in Rotterdam.